ron & dianne(non-registered)
we are very impressed with your beautiful pictures and some of the history you have added, very well done. we are retired and enjoy visiting ghost towns and old mining camps to get some kind of idea how these people lived and worked. keep up the great work and wish you the best.
thank you very much.
ron & dianne
Joanne Fariss - Lynchburg, Virginia(non-registered)
My parents lived in Scocca, Nevada when I was born (1934) and I lived there until the mine closed in 1937. Love the photographs. Is there anyway I can purchase copies of them? Thank you.
Michelle Fry(non-registered)
I grew up in, Fallon, Nevada. I also worked in Coaldale Jct. I plan to move back home to Fallon or Virginia City in the next few months. I am Home sick! Now I live outside of Oatman, Az. 1210 s Dugas rd. Golden Valley, Az. 86413 God Bless your skills and your Art! Thank you, Michelle Fry my email [email protected]
Dan Frawley(non-registered)
I spent s few summers as a youngster on my grandfather's Millet Ranch in Big Smoky Valley between Round Mountain and Kingston. I see that Millet is one of the ghost towns. These photos are so good and bring out the majesty and serenity of Nevada. Your pictures inspire me to go exploring in Nevada. Thank you!
ron & dianne(non-registered)
found your site and like it very much. great pictures.
thank you for all your hard work and sharing your beautiful photo's.
hope you keep up the wonderful work.
Larry Hudgens(non-registered)
Warren your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for taking and posting them.
I hope you continue taking and posting pictures for the next 100 years at least.
Wendy Sells(non-registered)
with all of the pictures that I saw they are so very pictures and so are all of the pictures of the scenery of all of the tall trees and the lakes and the lakes as well. from Wendy Sells
Keith Blackwell(non-registered)
photos are neat
George and Julie Haynes(non-registered)
Warren your pictures are fantastic. My wife and I made a 8 week trip out West this past summer. We had been there before but did not get to spend the time like we did this past summer. We explored the back roads of South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and other places but still did not see everything. We took over 1000 pictures and plan to go back this year. We see so many places we missed from looking at your pictures. Thank you for sharing the beautiful places that only a few get to see. I have read over a 100 books by William W. Johnstone, one of the greatest western writers ever. He makes you feel you a part of the story.
Kent Brown(non-registered)
Very much enjoyed viewing your website.
found you searching for Ghost Towns in Nevada while attending The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko. (2014 & 2015).
Many very nice images and enjoyed your website.
Check mine out. And your feedback is appreciated.
Thank you,
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